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Low Performance and High Satisfaction: The Information Paradox of Bad Schools

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The Power of the Hours

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Community and schools: promise and paradox

Moving into modern adulthood- and especially moving out of poverty- requires a more dynamic logic model. Enveloping young people in an engaged community and renewed civic spirit that demonstrates active support, investment, and belief in their success. These communities work together across sectors and ideologies, recognize the importance of service, and help their young people develop their own civic identify. Leaders of organizations and systems, neighbors, parents, and young people themselves must share in this sense of collective and individual responsibility for the well-being of their communities and each other.

Together, we can create more opportunity for more young people to experience their American Dream.

In the months ahead, we will continue to explore these ideas with our partners through events, research, and online content. Stay tuned.

How to Build a Community in a School - Gregg Talcott - TEDxUSD

And join us. The 5 Promises represent conditions children need to achieve adult success. This article relates to the promises highlighted below:.

The Promise of After-School Programs

These six platform areas are based on the collective experience and expertise of individuals at organizations engaged with young people across the country, the experience of young people themselves, and our own research. Kids of all ages need adults in their lives who care about them. A qualitative case study design was utilized. Four 12th grade civics teachers were sampled across three rural schools in a southern state.

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Data came from interviews, classroom observations and teaching artifacts. A constant comparison method of data analysis led to the emergence of a major theme: the paradoxical treatment of place in civic education in rural schools.

Participants implemented place-based pedagogies while simultaneously promoting the narrative that students leave their home communities after graduation due to limited post-secondary opportunities i. Findings suggest the need to prepare rural civics teachers for place-conscious civic pedagogies to challenge paradoxical treatments of place and engender democratic investments in rural communities.