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Internally, we provide each other feedback, and we evaluate our performance through rigorous performance planning and review processes.

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Likewise, performance-driven conservation programs and policies are built on an adaptive management backbone. Defining theories of change with explicit assumptions enables us to test and improve our understanding of complex systems. Tracking and synthesizing performance provides decision-makers the information they need to maximize their effectiveness and avoid propagating unintended consequences.

Transparently reporting results to stakeholders provides the inspiration to take responsibility for outcomes positive and negative and to put in the energy required to change and improve. Programs and policies are only effective when they influence behavior in a manner that produces long-term positive outcomes.

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Thus, our third Principle is to Create Enduring Change — We facilitate behavior change by aligning social, economic and environmental objectives, and developing tools and practices that alter the basis for decision-making. We create tailored solutions that work for our partners and their communities.

Creating lasting change does not happen by forcing communities to maximize their environmental outcomes alone. EI staff help program managers and policymakers value multiple perspectives. This puts us in the position of voicing alternative opinions in rooms that are frequently echo chambers of like minds.

Principles and Practice

We enable leaders to make better decisions by uncovering and testing assumptions that may underlie millions of dollars of past investment. We work with program managers to display information about how existing practices do and do not produce desired outcomes, so that stakeholders can learn and respond by becoming more effective. The only way we can survive in this uncomfortable position is a complete commitment to honest and transparent communication. Our partners hire us knowing that our findings may not be what they would like to hear, but are what they need to know if they are committed to maximizing their effectiveness.

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We avoid conflicts of interest and tailor performance-driven conservation tools and practices to whatever approach is most effective and acceptable in each unique context. While we understand the perspectives of investors, project proponents and landowners, we do not get directly involved in conservation projects.

We are open to any approach that uses information to deliver improved outcomes, whether it be a pay for success RFP, a grant program with transparent outcomes, an entrepreneurial banking approach, a Habitat Credit Exchange or an outcome-based in lieu fee program. Like us, our partners are truly inspired and seeking effective solutions to enhance the systems that sustain healthy communities.

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Environmental Incentives Principles in Practice

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