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Packaging Closures and Sealing Systems (Hardcover)

The foil seal delivers the final stage of bottle weight reduction by removing threads from the neck finish. Combined with elimination of the plastic screw cap and tamper evident band, it delivers the lowest package weight in the market. Recycling of the used PET bottle is easier without mixed plastics and the peeled foil is recycled together with metal cans.

We would be delighted to hear from you to talk about how our expertise in container and closure design, as well as branding opportunities with a focus on sustainability and cost saving, can help transform your brand. You can read here the full list of awards and finalists, detailing the high calibre of entrants in each category.

US20050023173A1 - Alert medication safety seal system and method - Google Patents

Innovative Closures Fords capless sealing offers a unique combination of innovative design, hermetic seal, easy opening, tamper evidence and low cost. As stated in section 6 of Packaging Systems:. Paper, thermal plastic, plastic film, foil, or a combination thereof, is sealed to the mouth of a container e.

The seal must be torn or broken to open the container and remove the product.

Case sealer with automatic flap closure - Top and bottom closure

The seal cannot be removed and reapplied without leaving visible evidence of entry. Some shipping companies require liquid chemical products to be sealed prior to shipping to prevent hazardous chemicals from spilling on other shipments.

Fords Packaging Systems

Induction sealing keeps unwanted pollutants from seeping into food products, and may assist in extending shelf life of certain products. Induction-sealed containers help prevent the product from being broken into by leaving a noticeable residue on plastic containers from the liner itself. Food companies that use induction seals do not want the liner residue as it could potentially interfere with the product itself upon dispensing.

They, in turn, put a notice on the product that it has been induction-sealed for their protection; letting the consumer know it was sealed upon leaving the factory and they should check for an intact seal before using.

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In some applications, induction sealing can be considered to contribute towards sustainability goals by allowing lower bottle weights as the pack relies on the presence of an induction foil seal for its security, rather than a mechanically strong bottle neck and closure. Some manufacturers have produced devices which can monitor the magnetic field strength present at the induction head either directly or indirectly via such mechanisms as pick up coils , dynamically predicting the heating effect in the foil.

Such devices provide quantifiable data post-weld in a production environment where uniformity - particularly in parameters such as foil peel-off strength, is important. Analysers may be portable or designed to work in conjunction with conveyor belt systems.

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High speed power analysis techniques Voltage and Current measurement in near real time can be used to intercept power delivery from mains to generator or generator to head in order to calculate energy delivered to the foil and the statistical profile of that process. As the thermal capacity of the foil is typically static, such information as true power, apparent power and power factor may be used to predict foil heating with good relevance to final weld parameters and in a dynamic manner. Many other derivative parameters may be calculated for each weld, yielding confidence in a production environment that is notably more difficult to achieve in conduction transfer systems, where analysis, if present is generally post-weld as relatively large thermal mass of heating and conduction elements combined impair rapid temperature change.

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Inductive heating with quantitative feedback such as that provided by power analysis techniques further allows for the possibility of dynamic adjustments in energy delivery profile to the target. This opens the possibility of feed-forward systems where the induction generator properties are adjusted in near real-time as the heating process proceeds, allowing for a specific heating profile track and subsequent compliance feedback - something that is not generally practical for conduction heating processes.

Conduction sealing requires a hard metal plate to make perfect contact with the container being sealed.