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Probability Theory by Sinai, Yakov G

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Statistics and probability

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In the simpler case of sampling with replacement, the classical DeMoivre-Laplace theorem is applicable. Feller's conditions seem too stringent for applications and are difficult t to prove. It is the purpose of this note to re-formulate and prove a suitable limit theorem with broad applicability to sampling from a finite population which is suitably large in comparison to the sample size.

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Chance website Here you will find a number of resources useful in teaching an elemenatary probability or statistics course. Here you will find videos of Chance Lectures given by experts in subjects reported regularly in the news such as medical studies, gambling, dna fingerprinting etc.

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In addition your will find the archives of Chance News reporting on current events in the news that use concepts from probability or statistics. The reports include possible discussion questions and in many cases links to other related resources. All you need to do is click "download".

It is primarily intended for undergraduate students of Statistics and mathematics. It can, however, be used by students of Social Sciences and mathematics-related courses.

Probability - The Science of Uncertainty and Data

This volume covers the basic theory of probability in a simple yet easily comprehensible manner. It deals with the basic mathematical tools for the understanding of probability, such as, the set theory and the counting principles, the concept of probability, basic probability calculus, laws and theorems, the random variable, its probability distribution and numerical characterization.

Probability Theory - The Math of Intelligence #6

Determination of central and non-central location of distributions as well as their spread are extensively discussed. Moments and moment-generating functions have also been extensively covered.