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The Jewish council of Jamna? So why would Christians accept the decision of this anti-Christian Jewish council against the practice of the Church? I realize this post is dated, but perhaps my comment may be of interest to the author. I use the Orthodox Study Bible, among others. Jerome even tried to throw out the books in the Septuagint not found in the Hebrew and Aramaic texts, but the Roman Catholic Church did not accept this attempt for the most part.

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I do not believe that for a nanosecond. But I do wish there were more definitive historical proofs of its pre-Christian dating. I find several references to the Septuagint in the Ante-Nicene fathers, but some folks seem to rely heavily on discounting the Septuagint based on the letter of Aristeas. That was one of the main reasons I had hoped to locate some documentation that the Jews actually used this translation prior to the birth of Christ. Are there perhaps any pre-Christian historic writings other than Aristeas that speak of or reference the Septuagint that you know of?

The fact that the Septuagint texts were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls along side Hebrews versions of the OT would tell us that Jews in and around Jerusalem read the Septuagint and they counted it among their sacred writings. Some scholars at least would say it shows that the Septuagint was accepted as Scripture by the Jews at Qumran — these were Jews who felt the more public Judaism in Jerusalem was corrupt. So they followed a purified form of Judaism and counted the Septuagint among their scriptures. I believe Philo, a Jew also mentions the Septuagint.

The NT writers for the most part are Jews of the 1st Century, they are quoting existing texts. At least among the biblical scholars I have seen there is pretty widespread acceptance of the Septuagint as a pre-Christian document.

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Some want the bible to be the mythical Quran, somehow eternally existing in heaven and then which was downloaded to earth. Your comments about Protestant reactions to findings about the Septuagint are very insightful. I believe as you imply that even translation can be an inspired activity. There is also the possibility that the Masoretic text has been amplified from the original.

However, it seems that the LXX has lacunae from the original in others. None of the texts are in perfect shape, however, and the existence of so many variations of the LXX is difficult to deal with. Are you saying the LXX fills in gaps that are found in other texts?

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Or are you saying there are gaps in the LXX where other texts are more complete? I agree with your statement about the variations and condition of extant LXX texts. However, I find it disconcerting that we do not seem to have one complete source of scripture manuscripts of any version that are without some flaws or are not held in question to some degree by scholars. Maybe my statement is a bit naive, but I ponder why God has not more directly preserved a more complete, definitive set of MS and has rather allowed the autographs to come down to us in modern times in some state of disrepair and in piecemeal fashion.

I ponder why God has not more directly preserved a more complete, definitive set of MS and has rather allowed the autographs to come down to us in modern times in some state of disrepair and in piecemeal fashion.

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Possibly because God chose a people not a book to be the bearers of His revelation. The people of God have existed even when they had no manuscript tradition. The manuscripts became an important way to witness to the truth. Scripture is an important witness, but it is a witness to the truth and is not coterminus with the truth.

The truth according to Christian Scriptures is Jesus Christ — a person, not a book. The scriptures bear witness to Him see John 5: It is the same question as to why we have 4 differing gospel accounts instead of one, or why there are 2 creation accounts, why in Qumran both Hebrew and Greek scrolls existed side by side, etc. God however chose a people and inspired the people to write the books, edit them and choose or reject them.

God relies on synergy with His chosen people, but the people have to do their part. Protestantism rejected the idea that the people of God had any authority, but then had nothing to base authority on and so declared the book infallible if properly read. Trouble is even if properly read, you have to decide which texts to read. But we also cannot deny that in both ages, He also chose, for reasons of apparent significance to Him, to have such revelations of His servants recorded on paper by inspired autograph.

I am not as wholly given over to literalistic thought as my comments might seem to imply.

I understand there is great latitude in the Hebraic literary constructs which, by the way, I feel are probably the greatest stumbling blocks to our yet largely Hellenistic scholars and lay-people. This is particularly true in terms of understanding and interpreting the eschatological prophetic statements in both OT and NT.

I feel there has been far too much literalist expectation and demand placed by scholars upon such scriptures that speak of the overtly immanent 1st century Parousia of Christ. Literalism became a predominant mode of thinking — texts must be literally true or they are of no value. That is how we read everything in the modern world and why we struggle with poetry and art.

I find this statement from http: But it is a very early account, and it clearly shows that before the time of Our Lord there existed another textual tradition of the Hebrew Bible which was at least contemporary with, if not earlier than, that represented today by the Masoretic text. The main thing for me is to document the pre-Christian existence and general common acceptance of the LXX within the earlier Helenistic Jewish population.

It is often depicted fighting Perseus or as the mount of a Nereid. He's one of a very small group of humans that survive the annihilation of the human race by the aliens called Milliginians. They've come to Earth looking for a new home to colonize, due to overpopulation of their own homeworld.

Joshua is a daydreamer and a sort of thoughtfully panicked loner, wandering the white dust-coated remnants of land, looking for I think he'd probably even settle for a dog, in his 'I think I'll just die The are two other groups of humans featured in the story; The New Hope Settlement and an ex boxing champion with a tribe of friends. The New Hope Settlement is a larger group of humans with one 13 year old girl left as the only fertile female left on the planet but, not the only female left.

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The two groups clash in a very primitive kind of battle before Joshua arrives with a rogue Milliginian with a plan to take back Earth. Unfortunately, none of the characters have very many heroic qualities and more than once, you'll think 'how is this person even still breathing?! Something about the way Koenig puts together his paragraphs completely intrigues me. Second, it's a completely bizarre and unusual take on a concept that plagued many books and movies and has been completely overdone in so many other ways. But, in all of those other ways- there's characters that step up to the plate, there's hardcore heroes, there's army soldiers, or robots.

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In this story- it poses the question: What if the only people that survived were completely by accident and the worst losers you could think of to survive? I'm a fan of strange thoughts and questions and this book is FULL of them. I like things that are different and not run of the mill and predictable.

While not for everyone- I recommend this book if you're sense of humour is in that sarcastic realm and if you're completely open-minded with what you read. If you're a hardcore sci-fi fan, you'll probably hate it. If you're a classic heroes versus villains fan, you'll probably hate it. It's just one of those fun books to read when you need a break from all of the seriousness around you on a daily basis, and you need a bit of psycho around, instead.

After reading the book I listened to the dramatization and was so happy with the story line. The sound effects help create the mood and are just great. CRT stretches the imagination which I really enjoy. CRT produces many dramatizations which I listen to over and over. Buck Alice is definitely one of these stories.

The cover art is wonderful too. This story is fun, interesting, and different. Thanks CRT for another great job! Better than 5 stars! One of the most odd books i could not put down. Words can not give this tale justice. I felt like i was reading an acid trip. Unknown Binding Verified Purchase.

I dragged myself through this book after the first chapter hoping it would go somewhere. This is not clever, nor insightful. The Machine War Jeff Lemire. I have to admit that I felt like I had eaten some psychedelic mushrooms before and I was reading this book. Look at that cover: Then there is things like this which is just odd and strang and not even remotely enjoyable.

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Bev rated it liked it Mar 05, The writing style is annoying. It's a primitive author's nonsense This is getting published because the name is known. The publisher, Permuted Press, is a small time player that will print anybody's crap. Don't waste the time on this book. Koenig states in his preface that he was "in a bad place" when he wrote the book and obviously, his jumbled life and scrambled emotions found their way into the book.

The writing style is annoying.