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I have been wanting to read this book for a long time. I am glad I read it now. Such a beautiful, simple, yet heart touching love story. Every word written, every emotion described in the book could be felt. As a reader, all I care is, whether I am craving to read each page and turn over to the next.

This book really got my attention. A must read book for everyone who love, love stories!!! One of the best romances of all time!

Simple in plot and style, yet moving, thrilling and extremely funny. A wonderful mixture of intense emotions. Five stars and no less! Dec 05, Shaheen Allabux rated it really liked it. A nice light read romance. Characters and well etched and their own story defines their personality and beliefs. May 16, Angela Peixoto rated it it was amazing. Very beautiful and unputdownable book! I very much recommend it.

May 08, Lilian rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Ruchita Misra Sep 13, Pavan rated it it was amazing. Very nice app!! Mar 21, Aanal Shah added it. Overall a good read better than other commercial work like all rights reserved and this is not your story.. Jun 27, S rated it it was amazing. A beautiful second chance love story of two flawed characters.


10 Second Chance Romances For Readers Who Never Give Up On True Love

One of the best stories I have read on second chances. Thought both the characters had faults but they were perfect for each other. Omg can there be a more beautiful and perfect second chance love story than Second Chance at Love. The story and plot were very believable and nothing out of ordinary but the way Ruchita has magically weaved the beautiful story leaves you craving for more and tug your heart strings..

The characters and flow was so well defined that as a reader I understood what the characters might be thinking or the reasons for their behavior at certain instances. Two flawed and broken people meeting and finding love.

How from being strangers they fall in love that even the mere presence of the other person gives them peace.. Coz by the time you are done reading with the story this talented writer definitely has reader fully hooked and emotionally invested with the story and characters and once you finish her story she leaves you craving for more. I am awed by how specks of life lessons and pearls of wisdom are coalesced in the plot so seamlessly and she effortlessly conveys them through her characters throughout the story. Ruchita is a hands down a fantastic storyteller , she can magically weave beautiful stories and leave the readers spellbound.

Dec 23, Bharti rated it it was amazing. Second chance at Love is a lovely story which is easily one of my favorite love story this year. A bubbly, beautiful girl opposite a brooding, villain like grump man and their slow to spark yet sizzling love story. A story line which I haven't yet read by another Indian author. It is a love story which has great story, emotional bits, tension between the couple, the quintessential friendships and bff's.

It also has a nice little line up of supporting characters. By the end of it you will have ha Second chance at Love is a lovely story which is easily one of my favorite love story this year. By the end of it you will have happy tears and feel all warm and fuzzy as the loved up couple walks off in the sunset. Second chance is story of Bindiya and Samar; both holding on to their tragic pasts and dead relationships in the worst way possible.

They have emotional damage from their past, from loosing people they once loved in a way which gave them no closure.

Swear on This Life

While Bindiya fights and does her best to have a happy life and not letting the past shadow her heart, Samar can do better. He is the grump, shadow of a man who has so much more than scorn to give to people around him. It is a brief time working together with Bindiya which open up his heart, clears the web of sadness and anger around his heart. All thanks to Bindiya for making her way into his heart. Togehter they get closure but not before their fair share of fighting their attraction, love, happiness off each other. To make it more interesting there are even crazy exes and unrequited crazy lovers thrown in for a good measure.

Read it for what it is a beautiful love story and don't let the cynicism creep in, enjoy some fun Fiction for what it is. Jul 13, Aparajita Shorey rated it liked it. I am sucker for books so for me there is nothing better than receiving a nice read as a present. The good thing is people around me realise that so for my first festival after my wedding i.

I have read and reviewed the first two books written by her and my experience was pretty good so I was definitely looking forward to reading this one. Bindiya i I am sucker for books so for me there is nothing better than receiving a nice read as a present. Bindiya is a beautiful, cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl with a bit of a troubled past.

Nothing and no one seem to be able to please Samar and turns out he has an even more troubled past than Bindiya. As luck would have it, the two people who could not be any more different from each other have to work on the project together. I do like romantic novels but absolutely hate when authors turn it into a mills and boons affair.

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Second chance at love however gives you a love story that Apr 07, Neha rated it it was amazing. Falling head over heels in love with your characters!!!! Loved Samar and Bindiya!!!! Aug 27, Suvika Suvika rated it it was ok. Too many tracks in one story and they were overlapping. At the end, I felt most weren't either explored properly or given a satisfactory conclusion. Nov 07, Karthik Kumar A C rated it really liked it.

How To Prove That I Deserve A Second Chance With An Ex

It is definitely a Heart touching story. Tears rolled down my cheek after finishing this book. Apr 24, Kunal Singh rated it it was amazing. Jul 13, Jagdish Joghee rated it really liked it. Good read and keeps you interested all through. Characters portrayed well all through. Jul 07, Subbulakshmi H rated it it was ok. Expected something more humorous like the first 2 books. Dec 06, Vijay Ayyanar rated it it was ok.

Heidi Duffin has been dreaming about opening her own bakery since she was thirteen years old. Frank Ackerman's father has recently retired, and he's taken over the largest cattle ranch in the Texas Panhandle. He convinces Heidi to come clean the cowboy cabins, but the siren's call of a bakery is still loud in Heidi's ears. Can she rely on her faith in ways she's never had to before or will their relationship end when summer does?

Isn't Christmas the best time to fall in love? The cowboys of Three Rivers Ranch think so. Join four of them as they journey toward their path to happily ever after in four, all-new novellas in the Amazon 1 Bestselling Three Rivers Ranch Romance series. Tanner Wolf, a rodeo champion ten times over, is excited to be riding in Three Rivers for the first time since he left his philandering ways and found religion--until a terrible accident lands him in the hospital.

My Way Back to You (Second Chances Duet, #2) by Claire Contreras

With his rodeo career over, Tanner thinks maybe he'll stay in town--and it's not just because his nurse, Summer Hamblin, is the prettiest woman he's ever met. Can they find love among the tragedy? A contemporary cowboy retelling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella: One sexy, single-dad cowboy, a masked beauty hiding more than her face at the town dance, and the cowgirl boot she leaves behind Can Cal and Trina fall in love like Cinderella and her prince? A carpenter cowboy who hates the history of his town, the nurse who comes because of the history, and the runaway horse that brings them together in unexpected ways Can Gavin and Navy make a relationship work amidst myths and rumors?

A cowboy who works sixteen steps from the woman of his dreams Can a chance meeting in a different location open his eyes to a chance at love? A cowboy with skills as an electrician tries a relationship with a down-on-her luck plumber. Can Dylan and Camila make water and electricity play nicely together this Christmas season? Ashton takes her lookalike to his plantation home, and when she wakes up she has no memory of who she was. He is positive she is his wife.

Set three years later, the story continues the story of Adam and Mia, the latter who lost her family in a car crash. He and Mia, now an up-and-coming classical musician, reconnect in New York City after he catches a performance of hers. Circumstances forced them apart, though. She was a princess and he was a lowly mechanic.

My Way Back to You

A decade after their breakup, she goes to him seeking his help because her nephew has been kidnapped. He knows people from shady places who can provide the kind of help she needs in this particular situation. Oh, and he is now the super duper rich head of a luxury car empire. He agrees to help her, but on the condition that they sleep together.